Online criminal record check

criminal record check Conducting a background check is one of the protocols of each and every company when hiring applicants.  Every business runs in the principle of trust and confidence so employers want to make sure they only have employees with clean and reputable records.  This isn’t just true in private companies but to all other institutions such as hospitals, banks, schools, and government offices.  Criminal record is one of the disqualifications for people running for governmental positions.

One of the ways to know whether an applicant had a criminal record is through a background check.  Background check will help the management determine whether a person has all the qualifications, character, and if he/she will be considered an asset or a risk in the company’s security.   This process focuses on educational records, health, mental fitness, and most of all criminal record check.

It is never easy to search on criminal records.  Even though America is a free country, the country is still dominated by laws and regulations.  Unfortunately, criminal records check is one of the things that are strictly regulated by the federal government.  Criminals or those who have been convicted of felonies after having proven to be guilty beyond reasonable doubt have their records filed in the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  For people who want to conduct criminal record check, they may personally appear before the officials of the said agency and look for the files themselves.  In most states, it is necessary that the person conducting a criminal records check must be able to present a valid reason why he/she wants to check on the records of a particular inmate.  They also require security number of the inmate as well as the date of birth to proceed with the search.

Still, there is some information that can be found online.  However, they are not detailed and comprehensive.    The Federal Bureau of Prisons has its official website where anyone can check on the names of inmates who have been released already. However, the agency will not provide detailed information of the crime committed through the website.  There are other sites as well that provide criminal records check for various offenders.  Some sites will provide information on specific group of inmates like sex offenders.  However, people are advised to double check the site they’re looking on.  Some criminal records providers are not accredited by the government and they may provide inaccurate records.


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